Why work with ONE Real Estate Agent?


You see a property of interest at ABC-Real Estate.  You call agent at ABC-Real Estate and explain you want to make offer, through offer process you disclose we are qualified up to $350K but have decided to stay with in a budget of $250K and have funds available if $25K earnest money.

Offer falls through because its a sellers market and there were 4 offers.

Next house: You see the perfect house listed by XYZ-Real Estate.  So you call that office, make an offer, same conditions. Falls through.

3rd House: ABC-Real Estate had the home that, yes, it is IT.  So  you continue to work with XYZ-Real Estate.  Home is listed by ABC-Real Estate.  Your offer is $245K, $1000 earnest money.  BUT, ABC is now representing the seller and knows your background – can go higher, earnest money is less then available.

Work with ONE Realtor and disclose information to ONE Realtor.  Of course, in a situation that realtor is not working in your best interest, then move on.

Bottom Line: interview Realtors BEFORE making any offers and prior to getting serious in your venture.  AND, the right agent will inform you of new listings IMMEDIATELY!

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